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Meet The Staff!

Christine Carey- MA, LCADC, CCS, ACS, Clinical Director
Jennifer Suarez- MA, LAC, LCADC Intern, On-Site Program Supervisor
Tiffany Gondek- BA, CADC, Program Coordinator and Addictions Counselor
Jaclyn Hernandez- MSW, LSW, LCADC Intern, Outreach Coordinator

Sarah Nehrings- BA, CADC Intern, Outreach Coordinator 
Jade Ferraez- BS, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Dominique Ho-Shing-Mason- BA, Mental Health Case Manager
Max Lamport- BA, Mental Health Case Manager and Group Facillitator
Joshua Weinick- BA, Mental Health Case Manager
Neha Menon- BA, Mental Health Case Manager
Gina Sabatino- MA, LAC Addictions Counselor 
Kerry Brody- CADC Intern, Addictions Counselor
Veronica Hughes, BS, CADC Intern- Addictions Counselor
Rebecka DeValve- LSW, CADC Intern, Credentialed Intern
Danielle Tombs- BA, CADC Intern, Addictions Counselor
Brenda Knapp- Transportation Coordinator
Dr. Edward Caruso- Medical Director
Blessing Nwele- APN